Ramblings from a South Central Texas Wood Butcher #11: The Runs

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The runs, everyone gets them, or will get them. Don’t you hate them? You do everything to keep from getting them, but . . . . .

Brush or spray that one coat a little too heavy, and “Dang It!”

Luckily, runs are easier to deal with than unexpected gouges, nicks, dents, etc. With runs, you just let the finish set up, at least my clear coats, sand them out, then finish spraying, more carefully. :-)

Wishing everybody run-less finishes!

Happy Wooding!

-- Keith "Shin" Schindler

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You can also take a double edged (or a single) wrap masking tape around both egdes, slightly wider than the run, and
use it like a draw knife! I’ve used it for years. It minimizes sanding.
Also there is a Run Razor, made by
Motor Guard company, which is, essentially, a razor blade plane.
they are around 8 bucks.
it’s always best to do it in the fist few hours after you discover the run, before
the paint locks up, the same with sanding it out. After you plane it down use 1000
grit sand paper to minimize sand scratches, then again before the finish thoroughly sets up you can get by with dusting a light coat on.
Poly might be the only exception, but you
can even that out with the razor!

-- Steve Tow

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