On the drawing board for years

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On the drawing board for years hi everyone this is my first response to woodworking web I’ve been trying to get some pictures off of my work but just can’t get around to it . I’m not the best on the computer either I have to keep asking my kids how to do certain things! I really enjoy reading everyone’s blogs and seeing their work , And I promise I’ll keep trying to get involved I’ve had the material for my workbench since 1991 and still haven’t got to it . I’m working off a bench I just threw together when I first build my shop just to get going and I’m still working on it ha ha . And I missed that cutting board challenge a week before I seen it on the website my daughter asked me to make her a cutting board because we just put granite tops in her kitchen so you see I’m always A dollar short and a day late I do have a picture of a entertainment cabinet I just finished I’ll try and send it along with this. I also just finished rebuilding a 60-year-old Delta Rockwell shaper I’m sure some of you would enjoy seeing this also and maybe I can pick up a few tips on this machine from some of you guys,Ido have to say I love this site . Well I hope you welcome me and I will try and keep up with these things thanks again Bob.

-- customcabinetmaker

Hey Jack thanks for the comment I guess you’re going to be my first buddy on the site and you’re just a guy I want to talk to I’m building a music stand also and I’m wondering if you could give me the finished Height of yours I showed my customer a picture of yours and he was really impressed specially how you got yours to pivot I would appreciate the help. I also have a few pictures of this entertainment center I just finished not much to it it was an older couple and they wanted something simple, thanks again Jack !!! Bob

-- customcabinetmaker

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