My first hand plane restoral #1: Dis-assembly

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On a recent business trip to Sarasota, FL I bought a rusty hand plane that I found on CL. The markings indicate it is a Bailey No. 4 Type 15. If anyone can confirm my identification, I would appreciate it. Here are some pics of the entire plane:

Other than being pretty rusty it seems to be in good shape. The wood is solid and I found no cracks in the metal. All of the parts appear to be original, but since I know nothing about these old planes, I’m not certain. I started with dis-assembly:

There is one screw, in the next to last pic that I could not get loose. Instead of trying to force it, and possibly stripping or breaking it, I’ll let it go through the cleaning process for awhile and see if it helps. It’s the larger screw on the back of what I believe is called the frog, just under the adjusting screw.

The iron parts are going into an electrolysis tank this morning. Stay tuned for part two.

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I’d say a type 15 is close, but the frog and cap are later, so maybe you have a very late type 15, with some type 16 frog and cap or somebody changed some parts (like had a broken base)

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