I'm Wolf, or Alec if you're my Mum. I'm married to Rabbit. There is no me without she. She works with me on design issues most of the time. A Canadian living in Wales.

-- -- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

Some assembly required.

Wolf (& Rabbit!) — Building a flip up dinette table for a canal narrowboat. It has to be a coffee table, a dining table and a bed…wish me luck.

Reclaiming the past

Wolf (& Rabbit!) — Over the last few weeks some developers have demolished an abandoned school. I walk past it every Friday and for the last five I’ve come home with the biggest chunk I could carry. I’ve begun milling it into usable boards. The wood is pine and fir...

New bathroom

Wolf (& Rabbit!) — Well it’s been fun in the wolf and rabbit den. We’ve rebuilt our bathroom. It was originaly decorated in the ’90’s but in a perverse seventies way. We discussed, rabbit and I, the options and finaly decided on a sort of Cape Cod thing. I looked...

Plane Jack #1: Opening scene: Rescued from the back shelves.

Wolf (& Rabbit!) — I was able to convince Pete, who runs the workshop where I spend time refurbishing tools on Tuesdays, that I could find this little fella a good home in my workshop. I have no idea if it’s collectable or not, I just hate seeing tools heading for...