Monthly Book Giveaway - March 2023

I've been a woodworker for about 50 years & loved every second of it. I've created some one of a kind projects & countless production runs. I started at 12 working with my Dad & step father making stuff for around the home & home repairs, then started making chairs. & tables in Gardner MA "chair city". For the last 20 years I've worked in a high end window and door shop & my own shop with my wife ,father, brother & now introducing it to my 12 year old grandson.

Welcome, I’m sure you will enjoy it here.

hi you was talking bout the pocket screw joints I bought a kreg pocket hole system use it 2 times its not up to par to you use the screws it say for the thickness of wood but screws come through the other side I use biscuits better


The drill collet is set to deep you need to move it down a little there is a gauge on the clamp to help you to adjust the drill bit.


Hi David,
 The oval window you built looks awesome! I am restoring a historic Officer's Quarters at Fort Revere State Park, MA. It's missing two oval windows with the spiderweb muntins just like the one you made. Wood you be interested in making a couple more?