I love a challenge, my daughters boss bought a new home and wanted storage in her Breezeway this is what I came up with. It’s very functional and blends in well with the rest of the house. It looks like it’s always been there.
I Learned that in the MDF does not like screws unless you pre-drill the holes.
It has plenty a storage in the cubbies and lots of hooks for hanging coats purses or bags.


Looks great David , maybe your daughter’s boss will give her a raise for recommending a top-notch woodworker.

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Looks awesome! I agree looks like it’s always been there. A lot more functional then the last one.

Great looking job.
I have found that using MDF that the confirmat screws are the best. Yes you have to predrill with their special bit but it holds like crazy.


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Just an amazing job David, it has it all.



It looks original to the house. Great job!


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Great job David and looks wonderful in place.

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Looks great, fits right in, congratulations on a job Well done.

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