Kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities


I was asked to build the kitchen cabinets, island and bathroom vanities For a new home, made out of Hickory, which is a wood in all of my almost 50 years Of Woodworking I have never used. I love it’s beautiful warm color tones And straight grain.
It’s great to be in my shop again. I’ve had a bad year with broken ribs twice about 10 weeks apart.
I’ve learned the hard way, it’s a very dense wood and needs to be pre drilled at every screw.
This project has been fun to build and has inspired me to redo my own kitchen over.
The biggest challenge for me having no plans was the corner cabinet, I had to think outside of the box, after 1 failed attempt I figured it out.


Very nice build David, great choice with the hickory. Bad things always happen to me in threes so be careful with those ribs.


It turned out really well. I’ve worked with hickory too. I had to Pre-drill and I use lube on the nails. I wish hardware stores made stronger screws and nails like they use to back in the day. Sorry to hear about your ribs.

Top-quality work David , great job

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Excellent workmanship , beautiful cabinets . You can really see the great talent you have


Oh no re: ribs! :(

Hickory: I don’t know what it is like to work with but, boy, it sure is beautiful. I want to reach through the screen and touch it.

Thinking outside the box to build a box … hmmm
Is there a tip in there for us?

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