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Jun 2014

Steve Beauchamp

Modesto, California
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-- Steve Beauchamp

Daffodil Spandrel - Woodworking Project by Steve Beauchamp

Daffodil Spandrel

This is a hallway entry element in a commission to create a “Victorian” interior in an existing...

Victorian Mantel - Woodworking Project by Steve Beauchamp

Victorian Mantel

This is a “Victorian” fireplace mantel. I designed it for a Bread and Breakfast Inn in Los Banos,...


Thanks for adding me.. I look forward to participating and learning from the skills and passion posted within this group. I hope that I can contribute and encourage others through my work. I am a self taught wood carver by trade and have been working in my trade for over 30 years.

-- Steve Beauchamp

Welcome, glad to have you here :)

-- Martin Sojka, https://craftisian.com