Daffodil Spandrel


This is a hallway entry element in a commission to create a “Victorian” interior in an existing home. It is made from poplar, alder and cherry. The spandrel is carved on both sides The overall width is 40". The spandrel is 24" high, and the crown is 10 1/2" high. The clients current plan is to stain and then paint the flowers and key elements.

Steve Beauchamp


Beautiful! Can’t wait to see it finished and installed! (but then I’m slightly biased – I’ve been watching over his shoulder the entire process!).

Nice work ,love the look .


This is astoundingly beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


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That is just knock down gorgeous. Beautiful work!

Beautiful is right indeed.
There are so many details. The leaves veins match from one leaf to the next.

Do you use some power tools in your carvings?

I have never carved but I am looking to buy the dremel fortiflex to start shaping stuff. Any thoughts on the dremel?

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Wow. You don’t have to answer but I’m very curious as to how much you charge for something like this. That must have taken a great amount of time.

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Thanks everyone for the comments :-) The value of something like this is always a lot more then you charge the first time thru…..about $1500. The carving work was done with hand gouges only on both sides.

Steve Beauchamp

Thanks Steve. That’s definitely a lot great work.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Thanks for sharing. That is amazing!

wow, that is beautiful work. super carving and craftsmanship.

A masterpiece.

Mike, an American living in Norway

Amazing workmanship a spandrel that stands above all others.

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Thanks everyone for the support. It has been a very challenging year and it is good to check back in. Hope to be posting some new work soon ! :-)

Steve Beauchamp