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Apr 2014


Winterton, North Lincolnshire

Scribing in, how do you do yours?

If the walls are out or there’s bumps in the floor or ceiling, I normally reach for my small Makita electric planer to work to the scribe line. I’d always have this connected to a shop vac if I was in someone’s house, and as long as I’m not standing on the hose, there is never a spec of dust anywhere – even when working with mdf or chipboard. Then, if there are any further small or awkward bits to clean up, I reach for a block plane. Things I’ve learned over the years are that cutting an...

Brave or Stupid?

A few of you may know I did a website for my business back in January. For the most part, my inbox remains empty, but on occasion, I do get the odd enquiry. Yes, there are the nutters “How much would it be for a bathroom cabinet?” etc.,. No size, no timber preference, never hear back from them. Then there are the ‘stringer alongers’ like the @sshole who wanted to rip off a load of high end contemporary German furniture (that was just a waste of time), but then there’s the odd gem as well. ...