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Cat Climbing Structure

Our family includes a couple house cats.  We also foster kittens for a local shelter to get them socialized prior to adoption.   So it's not uncommon for there to be 4 cats in the house at any given time.  While the kittens are getting acclimated to t
I think one of the most eye-catching details of the Albini bookcase are the tapered blocks that form the feet and mounting points for the 4 vertical slats per upright (I'm going to call the top ones feet, too.) and their wide round pressure pads. Fro
Each upright has four slats, with each having a set of evenly-spaced holes along their entire length.  Each hole has a counterbore, some on outer facing side the slat, and some on the inner facing side: [MODLIB0000197_8.JPG] It took me a bit of head