Woodworking Awards - Winter 2022 - are open for votes


Wow this has to be the most unique and coolest project I’ve seen in a long time,
Great job.

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Haha! Very nice. The fender is a nice touch.

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That is a Cool build, great job. How is the steering connected? (With chain and sprockets?)

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Thank you very much guys. It truly was a fun build. I met with the owner this evening and he loves it. He had it full of product for a whole day and the ice never even melted. It has a drain in the bottom but it wasn’t used that day. It is a cool bike from Copenhagen. The steering has an arm from the bottom of the handle bars to the front wheel. Here’s a pic that shows it.

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I know you had a great time building that beautiful and functional piece. One of a kind, congrats.


Great job. I like the Buick look. I use one of those as a teen delivering groceries. Linked steering and a flatbed. It only had one gear not twenty. Cases of beer, milk, you name it. This was 55 years ago so you know til was uphill going and uphill coming back.


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