Celtic Mandolin #5: More chips


This is part 5 in a 13 part series: Celtic Mandolin

Before I started another mess, I marked out some strategic lines for checking the shape. Also, I cut off the neck at the 12th fret position. This is where the body terminates and the neck takes over.

Then it’s just more RSTA with the scrub plane.

At this point, a flat bottom tool won’t work anymore and it is time to get creative.

I got this little darling for Christmas a long time ago and never really had a chance to use it until now. I think it’s called a round-bottom carriage maker’s plane. Works really good for this application. I wish I had one twice the size.
Anyway, at this point, I need to clean up the chips, pour a glass of red, and see where I am. The heel-end of the soundboard is much easier than the neck-end since there’s no tricky transition stuff going on. 

Still a ways to go. I can see a few large spoon gauges and a chair makers draw knife in my future 
i love seeing the process !

working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.

i love seeing the process !
This is my first time down this carving road. I’m loving the process as well. This is a serious learning experience for me. 
Finally, someone with a use for a 100 1/2 plane.  :-)  

I am enjoying following along.  One of these days I want to try making some instruments.  Never really considered a mandolin.  

--Nathan, TX. Hire the lazy man. He may not do as much work but that's because he will find a better way.