Wegner-Inspired Deck Chair #2: Side Assembly Mortising


This is part 2 in a 10 part series: Wegner-Inspired Deck Chair

With the router jigs for the side assemblies completed, I could get to work cutting some mortises. 
 Cutting the mortise for the lower rear stretcher:

I made notes on the jigs to remind me of the depth of the cuts for each mortise where the depth was critical.

Middle mortise in the back upright:

After cutting the middle mortise on one side assembly, I discovered that the mortise was oversized.  I had cut it out at 7/8" wide instead of 3/4" wide.

I paused to repair both left and right jigs, plugging the jig hole and re-cutting the mortise opening.

On side assembly, I filled the oversized mortise with a plug, and then re-mortised with the repaired jig.  I completed these mortises on both side assemblies as well as the mounting hole for the arm.

With the mid-back mortises completed, I could switch to the jig for the relief slot, which has one dowel that indexes the lower end of the mortise.

 Both side assemblies with mortises completed.

Next up is more jigs for mortises in the stretchers.
ross time for a shaper origin ?

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