Finally settled in


I have been on here in the last 8 month but not long enough to properly catch up on everyone’s projects. We sold our house within a month and a half after listing it in November. Then we had to be out in two weeks. For a family of 6 that’s a lot of packing and a big move. We moved from Alberta to Vancouver Island, we love it here, we are now settled in. I have our garage finally set up with all my tools ready to go. Projects will be on the roll again. I always like coming to this site everyone is so down to earth and supportive. I really enjoy everyone’s positive comments it’s an uplifting site. I still had to peak in now and again when I seen things come up in my Facebook. So ignore all my comments coming everyone’s way in the next bit…lol.

Moves are hard, especially on the kids; they leave a bunch of friends behind.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Yes I agree, thanks glad to be back:)

Vancouver Island must be great at this time of year. I have a few relatives that live there, both in Victoria and up in Campbell River; I’m always a bit jealous that their trees have leaves even before the snow is melted here.

Rob, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Lol, yes it is. I already have my garden started. Cant get enough of this place.

Welcome to the West Coast, Sheri. I just spent the weekend in Parksville at the Pacific Brant Carving Show. Good show to check out.


Thanks Celticscroller, I will have to check that show out:)