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Card Scrapers


Here is my 2 cents on card scraper sharpening…..

That was interesting. It seems I’ve been doing it wrong all along, which probably accounts for my poor results. I always thought the burr from filing flat was the “edge” to be sharpened. The guy in the video removed the burr. I’m going to try this method out. Thanks for posting this!

Losing fingers since 1969

Give it a try Brian it works well for me. Oh thats me in the vid at a friends shop doing a demo.

Good job on the video Dave. Many practical options.


MIke long long time no see! So good to see you and thanks!!!!!!!

My own sharpening method is pretty much identical to yours Dave, so I know your advice here is sound. Scrapers are simple but wonderful tools. I also love my very useful #80 type scraper plane. Great video!

Mike, an American living in Norway