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Working with wood allows me to not only dream of possibilities but to try and coax those dreams out of the wood. Sometimes it works and sometimes it don't. I've only been working with wood for about 3 years now and have come a long ways with help and direction from other woodworkers and craftsmen. I have learned that better tools will only make you better if you have mastered the older version that you already have. Also, other than gardening, I don't know of another pastime that will teach you patience like an ill-timed mistake on the latest project will.

-- Use it up, wear it out---Make it do, or do without.

Spalted maple + walnut clasp/hinges - Woodworking Project by JayKayPur

Spalted maple + walnut clasp/hinges

Spalted maple with hand-crafted walnut clasp and hinges. The box measures 6” x 5” x 2” and the...

Black Walnut Briefcase - Woodworking Project by JayKayPur

Black Walnut Briefcase

The chestnut briefcase I made earlier turned out so nice, I made another smaller one out of black...

American Chestnut Briefcase - Woodworking Project by JayKayPur

American Chestnut Briefcase

This is American chestnut that I salvage from a friends room divider that he wanted “gone.” Made...