Enthusiastic amateur cabinetmaker who occationally also takes orders from clients. My work mainly centers around modernist and mid-century modern furinture done in Nordic types of wood.
I often find that, after completing a pieze of furniture or other large project, I need to have a series of smaller in-bettween projects to sort of wiping the creative slate clean. I then like to tinker in a lot of other fields, these days often tool making, boxes, turning, gardening, etc.

I am currently in the process of moving my content from Lumberjocks, more to come!

I am not a native english speaker/writer so please go easy on me if I butcher this language...

Welcome to Craftisian.

Main Street to the Mountains

Thank you Eric, makes me feel welcome:-)

"The good chair is a task one is never completely done with" Hans Wegner

No problem, still trying to figure out your handle over on the other site. And I like to make friends that I can borrow ideas from too. LOL.

Main Street to the Mountains

Looking forward to the Nordic influence.     Enjoyed your projects.