Cherry bench

Cherry bench
Cherry bench

Cherry slab bench,cherry top ,cedar legs,pine stretcher

Retirement is not as easy as I thought it would be



Now please explain! We all really live on the details, so please explain things like your choice of butterflies, the top’s thickness, your choice of leg configuration, etc.


That is one solid looking bench…. What did you use for a finish???


That’s a nice bench.
I have never used slab yet; I was wondering if smaller butterflies could have been used and yet stabilized the crack. The ones on the right king of break the symmetry.

How is to top attached to the rest?
What finish did you use?


Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

I, too, love slab projects!

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Mike,and Lanwater top is about 2 1/4",legs are attached with 4 loose tenons per leg,I could have made butterflies smaller but at the time they seamed to be ok,the one one the right I was trying to fix a mistake by a slip of the router.
Bob I used Heilmans

Retirement is not as easy as I thought it would be

Thanks for the extra info Bill.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

great looking bench,love the live edge.

Nice solid Bench

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