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Peter's Packing ...


My goal was to create another small amigurumi to add to my collection. Umm, standing about 12" high, Peter does not fit this goal.

He may not be the size I was looking for but he was just too darned cute to not try creating.

I found the pattern at and I want to say that the pattern was really well written, with lots of tips and clarifications as I went along.

I chose not to add the buttons – at this time – but, perhaps in the future, I will find a couple cute buttons to sew onto the little jacket.

I also chose to attach the head at a little angle rather than straight on as per the instructions. I just like the story that seems to come along with an angled head.

I think that Peter is going to be a good friend for Rupert.

What do you think?
~ Debbie

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Peter’s packing … some #essentialoils from Young Living
We are always packing – packing something, whether it is some “thing” or some memory or some emotional baggage or idea about who we are

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