September Challenge: Post a new project for a chance to win
[7E5AB7BE-2DFE-4419-98BB-D0DA182B52E3.png]Years ago my aunt gave me this old church pew for Rick to cut up for birdhouses. I just couldn’t do it - I couldn’t cut up the history or this amazing piece of wood.  It has sat inside my house, not really be
We could stop here but I wanted a cap for the potion bottle. Using the white yarn, I made a circle: √ 6 sc in magic ring √ inc around = 12 √ [inc, sc] around = 18 √ [inc, sc, sc] around = 24 √ [inc, sc, sc, sc] around = 30 √ sc around in BLO to cre
The insert is complete... and now to make the outer bottle. I chose a deep red colour for my bottle, as it was leftover yarn that was sitting nearby. Again, it is Camilla 6/4 and a 2.0mm crochet hook. √ 6 sc in a magic ring (leaving a long tail fo
To keep the bottle of essential oil stable inside the potion bottle, I decided to make an insert to hold it. For the insert, I suggest using the same colour of yarn as the top half of the potion bottle.  Using white Camilla 6/4 yarn and a 2.0 mm cro
With Valentine's Day just behind us, there has been a lot of talk about love, of course, and I guess that is what triggered my idea of making a potion bottle - love potion #9, perhaps. "What would that look like", I asked myself. √ Well, it would
Nanuk is coming to life .. √ body √ head √ nose √ eyes Next: arms, ears, and a scarf for an added touch. ARMS (2, of course) > magic ring: 6 > inc, inc, inc, inc, 2 sc= 10 >, 8 sc, dec = 9 (we now have a paw) > 2 sc, dec, 2 sc, dec, 1 sc > sc 42 
Before we begin with the body, let's make the muzzle.  Why do we want to start here? Because, when we are making the face, we will want to add the nose/muzzle before adding the eyes. To do this, we are going to need yarn that is the same colour as wha
With my latest crochet project completed, I went back to looking for an amigurumi animal that hand-size, rather than 18" or so.  Sifting through the photos of inspiration, I decided to make a bear.  I had made a bear before but, having skipped past
Well... I almost made it through doing the hair.  I have to admit that I got tired of doing hair and my "perfectionism" goal disappeared and my "good enough" mentality kicked in .... and I added a hat!  With the doll finished, a hat and dress finishe
and here we are ... needing hair. I do not enjoy doing hair. Sigh... but it must be done. Checking my mindset for this part:  “"Adding hair is just like adding an arm or a leg...  it is crocheting one stitch at a time or one strand of hair at a tim
Head √ Legs √ Body √ Dola needs arms!  For the arms, I adapted the pattern for the Moose, making them more "doll" arms - with thumbs. Yes, basically, that's all I did. I added thumbs.  I don't have a lot of pattern details but here we go: (Skin Col
With the doll face sitting there, staring at me, it was time to make a body. The pattern that I based the head on also had directions for a body but with the google translation, I decided not to use it. Instead, I went back to the pattern that I us