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Sweet Dreams - Needleworking Project by MsDebbieP

Sweet Dreams

Ok, I didn’t actually use a needle for this but there is cloth involved, so …. give me grace :) I...

Cabin Enhancement - Woodworking Project by MsDebbieP

Cabin Enhancement

First, let me say that I am rather grateful that the golf courses are closed and fishing has been...

And then there were three  - Woodworking Project by MsDebbieP

And then there were three

Our third and final cold frame (who am I kidding – I still have a couple of spots that I want to...

Cold Frame #2 - Woodworking Project by MsDebbieP

Cold Frame #2

Last month, Rick made a cold frame for me. I think I am going to love it and, so, we decided to...

“The Family Tree” Napkin - Needleworking Project by MsDebbieP

“The Family Tree” Napkin

Screen printing is my latest exploration. For Christmas, I made everyone their own napkin. It was...

Deathflake Afghan/ Lapghan - Needleworking Project by MsDebbieP

Deathflake Afghan/ Lapghan

This is my favourite afghan that I have made! The original pattern, “Deathflake” pattern by Art...

Cold Frame - Woodworking Project by MsDebbieP

Cold Frame

I wanted a cold frame to start some plants in, this spring … back to growing some of my food,...

My Fave notebook - Leatherworking Project by MsDebbieP

My Fave notebook

I love to make notes. It’s nice to have a hard surface to write on. I love the feel of leather....

Oil Holder - Woodworking Project by MsDebbieP

Oil Holder

My goal for this oil holder was not just to have a spot for oil bottles but, specifically, four...

Rick's Spice Rack - Woodworking Project by MsDebbieP

Rick's Spice Rack

I have a similar spice rack in my kitchen and my niece asked if Rick could make one for her, to...

My Willow Table - Woodworking Project by MsDebbieP

My Willow Table

This little table was made for a challenge, back in 2007! Prior to this build, I really hadn’t...

Quick & Easy Road Set - Woodworking Project by MsDebbieP

Quick & Easy Road Set

Our 3-year-old grandson enjoys playing with toy cars and we have been using the grid on my floor...

The Void - Woodworking Project by MsDebbieP

The Void

(created January 2010) “In the beginning there was nothing… nothing except the possibility; and...