Our use for softer woods.

Our use for softer woods.

For a majority of our saunas we use hand selected Western Red Cedar, Aspen Pine, Nordic White Spruce, along with Bass Wood. Behind the tongue & groove walls we typically place plywood over insulation, retaining the most heat inside of the sauna walls.

To personalize your sauna determine your own bench depth, giving you the most comfortable shoulder space when lying down. In addition, you can add arm rests or back rests to also increase comfort levels.

Within the sauna do not use any stains, finishes, or varnishes. As some of them may smell profusely, but will also retain more heat making it uncomfortable to come into contact with.

Innovative Saunas & Cellars Inc.


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We have ads. This is just another free source of advertisement.

Innovative Saunas & Cellars Inc.

I think your project fits outside this web community, sorry but i like to see things that are not just trying to sell stuff. Maybe if you were to post some pics of your workshop, and the process of how you make your product, and maybe the bio’s of a couple of long time woodworking employees.

CHRIS, Charlottetown PEI Canada. Anytime you can repurpose, reuse, or recycle, everyone wins!

Why would you advertise a product to a group of people who would be far more likely to think “I could build that” than purchase your product? especially considering you are annoying most of them. I doubt you get any sales from your “free source of advertisement.”
To be fair I agree with Thorreain, tell us about how you got into woodworking or how you grew your buisness.

Thank you for your responses.
I hope my revisions are a little more helpful. I am open to any more suggestions, and I will be creating a more detailed profile on our builders, and also how this business was established.
-Innovative Saunas & Cellars Inc.

Innovative Saunas & Cellars Inc.

Very cool sauna

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