thanks for the compliment on the “Crawford Box” It was a blast! So how was your two weeks in San Diego? Hope to see a marquetry box soon : ) Have a good summer.

Dave Clark

Hi Dave. To answer your question, my two weeks (June, ‘14) at the American School of French Marquetry was one of the most productive I’ve spent anywhere. As a complete novice, I am amazed at how far these folks can take one in a short period. Exceeded all my expectations about “upping my game” with box making.

I became aware of the school through Paul Miller, (shipwright) who has done so much in forums like this one to promote high level marquetry and use of the chevalet. The opportunity to study with Patrick Edwards and Patrice Lejeune at their marvelous shop in San Diego is a privilege indeed.

Here’s the obligatory picture of my class project:

Keep in mind that I have never done any marquetry at all, and this is only a class learning project, but it does point to a future, with much practice, of being able to produce some respectable box upgrades.

So, I highly recommend the investment in future work.