nic nac shelf - Woodworking Project by Carvings by Levi

nic nac shelf

I sell items as requested but i get to try new things and my own ideas for family gifts. Made...

A wee bird feeder - Woodworking Project by Narinder Jugdev

A wee bird feeder

I wanted to make a gift for my mother in laws 83 birthday and these cedar scraps were just right...

Walking stick - Woodworking Project by Mark Michaels

Walking stick

Carved walking stick with pyrographic decoration.

Giant Easel  - Woodworking Project by Billp

Giant Easel

Made this from red oak, it will hold canvases up to twelve feet high and ten foot wide. The wench...

"Great Horned Owl"    ...   carving. - Woodworking Project by Rolando Pupo

"Great Horned Owl" ... carving.

Finished the “Great Horned Owl” carving on October 18th 2016.. It was as usual a lot of fun...

Santa's Sleigh.  - Woodworking Project by Blackie

Santa's Sleigh.

I made a couple years ago, this one is made from Rose Wood (Bubinga), I also have two made from...

Cedar Doors - Woodworking Project by Chris & Sandy Charpentier

Cedar Doors

7 sets of custom bi-fold cedar cabana doors.

Curb appeal  - Woodworking Project by Narinder Jugdev

Curb appeal

I just finished this little weekend order for a new gate. All made of cedar with copper pipes as...

Little Red Fire Truck  - Woodworking Project by Blackie

Little Red Fire Truck

This bandsaw box fire truck has been a great seller for me over the past few years, it’s popular...

KEEP SAKE BOX - Woodworking Project by grizzman


This box has been one of the funnest projects i’ve done in awhile, the reason is that this is for...

serving tray - Woodworking Project by grizzman

serving tray

this is a serving tray i was commissioned to make and was given the right to just make it the way...

Maple Leaf mask - Woodworking Project by Carver

Maple Leaf mask

Carved from red and yellow cedar

tv trays - Woodworking Project by grizzman

tv trays

i had a dear neighbor who was in a terrible accident, he went through a three car roll over, was...

Cedar hall table from 8X8 beam - Woodworking Project by woodbutchersc

Cedar hall table from 8X8 beam

Client brought 8X8 beam to build table out of. Rescued beam for top and shelf. Square tapered legs.

Cedar hall table from 8X8 beam - Woodworking Project by woodbutchersc

Cedar hall table from 8X8 beam

More pictures of cedar table as it is being built.

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