Lapghan - Refurbished

Backstory first or ???

Let's go with the "now". A friend of mine, every year, gifts lap quilts to seniors homes at Christmas. She has, once again, put the call out for donated lapquilts. I'm definitely "in".

So, as I contemplated how I wanted to make my crocheted lapghan, I discovered an unfinished tunisian afghan in my, umm, several unfinished projects - the backstory!

This Afghan was designed (by me) to be a large and very soft afghan with an abstract design. Things happened and it got sat aside.... for years. It is a "Tunisian In The Round" afghan - my favourite style of crocheting!! I love the double-sided effect, and the softness/thickness that is created. Also, I used the Bernat Colorama yarn which is SO soft and fluffy! I found it at a local craft story on a super-sale and bought up as much as I could haul out of the store in two great big, giant, bags! I still have more to use. But that will be another story!   

Today, the size of the afghan, where I ended off a few years ago, is perfect for someone in a wheelchair! It's like the journey of the afghan was destined to be exactly what it is today!

√ donation
√ unfinished project
√ Happy Camper!
~ Debbie

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