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Rock Of Ages Lighthouse

Rock Of Ages Lighthouse
This is a scale model of the Rock Of Ages lighthouse in Lake Superior off the Isle Royale, Minnesota.  Here is the story about it.

It is 11 1/2" high and 4 1/2" diameter with a working light on the top. Four of them were made. The third shot is one I took while fishing out in Lake superior. I took a series of  shots of every angle with the plan to build these.
It has all the doors and windows exactly as the original. They were all milled in and painted. The light operates by touching the brass nameplate on the front - it has four levels of brightness. The hardest part was finding the round glass of the proper diameter and length for the top. I got four pieces from an art class teacher in Delaware where they use glass tubing a lot.
All the railings are brass wire soldered together. After making the first one, I was told that I had missed the boom that was on the base so I had to make 4 booms and add one to the lighthouse sent to Minnesota. My favorite cars hang around my copy. 
One was gift  to the boat captain and 2 were sold.

Cheers, Jim

I like this great looking Lighthouse.

-- Soli Deo gloria! ( To God alone be the Glory)

Cool lighthouse. I always liked those.

Main Street to the Mountains

I like it, Jim! Caught my eye in the burst of projects today.
Great copy of the original!!  Very neat to have I the light as well.  
Really nice with all the detail work in it.  Great job !!!   Mike
Thanks Oldrivers, Eric, Barbara, Dave and Mike. It is one of those things when you see it...you think. "I can make a model of that! " And the rest is history.............Cheers, Jim