Monthly Book Giveaway - December 2022
Hi Mel. Are you through with Lumberjocks? I just joined this site and have to learn my way around.............Cheers, Jim
Sorry I didn't get to this earlier. I'm not completely finished with LJs just yet but will probably phase myself out eventually. I will probably post some on my friend's projects and discussions for a while. Kind of hard to leave everyone that I am used to being around. There are a couple of things on LJs that I do like, just not enough of them. They upset me pretty badly when they censored my project on the Redneck/Hillbilly Doorbell. They took Redneck out anywhere it was used. They assumed me using the word Redneck was being racist and derogatory and shouldn't be used again. I am not by any means racist against any religion, sex, color, ethnic group or anything else. I just happen to be a fan of Jeff Foxworthy and his you may be a redneck if stuff.  BUT they still let Hillbilly slide.  Didn't mean to rant but I don't like being accused of something that isn't true and not be able to explain anything. Thanks, Mike