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Table and Chairs

Table and Chairs
 This started when Carol  requested a table and chairs for when the great granddaughters come over.  No more needed to be said to give a reason to be in the shop!!
 This was a design-as-you-go project with only key dimensions put to sketches. The plan was to use as much or the scavenged maple plywood as I could in the project. I did not buy anything except more shellac for the project.
 The goal of any of my projects is to not show any fasteners if possible. The table has a 5/8" maple plywood top and aprons and red oak legs. It has 20 dowels and 10 screws (pocket screws through the aprons into the top). The aprons are doweled to the legs and the top of each leg has a dowel into the top.The table is 19 1/2" x 24" x 20" high and is finished with Zar cherry stain and semi-gloss polyurethane.
 The chairs are made with 5/8" maple plywood, with a solid maple bullnose on the seat with a big smooth radius for little legs hanging over it. The bracing for the legs was a late design and is made with solid maple wood too. I felt the legs would need to be steadier than they came out without any bracing. I could have left that front to back brace as part of the solid side frames had I thought about it early on.!! Each chair has 10 screws and 12 dowels. They are also finished with Zar 116 Cherry stain and semi gloss poly. The chairs are 10" wide, 11" front to back and 19 1/2" high. The seat height is 11". I even have to sit on one of the chairs at a tea party!!
 I added some process shots of the chairs and this one of McKinlee putting them to good use:

Cheers, Jim
jim when i look up cool wood projects you pop up every time my friend !!!!! thank you for all you contribute to my world,and dont ever stop my friend. oh and did i very glad you got here to join the best and fastest growing wood forum,well maybe not the fastest,but damn well the best,period !
I have a lot more to share. I can tell , this will be my home and I believe Martin will make it as good as the old lumberjocks!! He has the know-how and is not a video gamer! 
This will grow if we all spread the word.

Cheers, Jim

Main Street to the Mountains

Looks Iike a very satisfied customer!!  Perfect size for lunch with her bunny.
Good looking and it seems to be well liked.  Great job !!!   Mike
Thanks for the nice comments. I have pretend meals with her all the time on that table!!

Cheers, Jim