Apple Pencil Stand


I bought an iPad with an Apple Pencil 2 quite a while back, and I’ve just been storing the pencil on my nightstand. That frustrated me fairly often because the magnets in the pencil would hook onto other things I had set on the nightstand. Keys, nail clipper, that sort of thing.

This morning, I was in the shop, and I had four pieces of sycamore that I had cut off another board in order to make it round. I realized that if I stacked them up and drilled a hole of the right size, I could solve my problems with the pencil.

So I glued the four cutoff corners into a stack, drilled a hole (11/32” at the bottom & ⅜” at the top, then I used a 17mm countersink bit to widen it out), used the belt sander and a spokeshave to make the curves more attractive to my eye, then hand sanded it up to 400 and took it to the Beall Wood Buffing System to put a quick finish on it. I think it came out pretty good, and my sweetie thinks it’s pretty.

May you have the day you deserve!


Looks like a win / win Dave. A quick easy project.

Main Street to the Mountains

I love this!  Problem solved.  
Good idea, may have to try this myself.  Mike
Nice work, Dave! The grain looks really wild on the top and I love it.

Devin, it’s quarter-sawn sycamore, and yeah, the grain is something.

May you have the day you deserve!

Wow, would not have guessed Sycamore. Gorgeous
There's no such thing as scraps. Clever!!

You don't always get what you go after,but you do get what you wouldn't have got if you didn't go after what you didn't get. Blaze Foley

A+ work Dave, never losing an opportunity for using leftovers (and obviously not owning a wood burning shop heating device 8^) I've had dreams about making something similar if I could carve. Basically an ear that the pencil slides in behind. Then I wake up....

I should air drop the few cubic meters of my cutoffs, keep you busy for a few days!
To me this proves two things;
1. The ingenuity of woodworkers to solve issues in boundress.
2. and like hairy says: "There's no such thing as scraps."

Good thinking.
Thanks, Splint! We’re going to be down your way one of these days. My sweetie’s grandparents are buried in T or C, and she wants to go pay them a visit. Maybe we’ll figure out a meetup of some sort.

Thanks, Tom! When I tooted about it, I tagged it with #ThereIFixedIt !

May you have the day you deserve!