Cedar Round Bass

Cedar Round Bass

Here’s a simple bass fish pattern. I used a red cedar round that was 1 1/4" thick and made this on the scrollsaw. I finished it with Danish oil and several coats of spray lacquer. The pattern was designed by Keith Fenton at www.sheilalandrydesigns.com


Wow…great scrolling here…well done

Measure "at least" twice and cut once

This is just beautiful! The finish is outstanding! Great job! :)


This is outstanding.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

1.5" thick — can’t imagine being successful working with that wood. Bravo.
And it is beautiful

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Thank you! It was a tough cut, but it was worth it!

Very cool! I too am surprised with the 1-1/2in thickness. How can your blade even clear itself, since that piece is greater thickness than the travel of the blade? Logic tells me that you would have to do a lot of bump-n-back cutting…


Very cool,great scroll work super wood too.

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