Heart Pine side table

Some of my tissue boxes  https://craftisian.com/projects/11510-tissue-boxes were pictured sitting on this table.

Some years ago, a home near ours was being taken down for reconstruction.
The owner allowed us to take the old wood and I filled the bed of my pickup three times and had timbers sticking out the back nearly 7 feet beyond the tailgate.
Good thing I was only driving about 6 miles on a two-lane country backroad.

The wood is Old Growth Heart Pine which was milled locally and used to build Mr. Mixson's granddad's home when he came home from the war-in about 1870. I guess that now makes it Antique heart pine! ;-)

I pulled a bunch of square nails out of a 2" X 6" and some 1"x's, scraped off the little bit of paint, and milled a wee bit of the huge load we reclaimed.
The parts were sitting in my shop for a while taking up space and waiting for me to get back to 'em. Lack of space is a good motivator.

The table is constructed with mortise and tenon joinery for the aprons and legs and the stretchers.
The top is roughly 18" X 20". It had a check that I was a bit concerned about, so I handcut a butterfly, traced it, and chiseled a match for it to drop into. The bottom of the tabletop has a 15 degree bevel with
a small bevel on the top side.
The shelf is 5 slats with stub tenons floating in a long narrow mortise.

The finish is Waterlox Original, a wiping varnish. The finish really popped the patina and when it cures,  it’ll get a  wax topcoat and buffing.

Thanks for looking.
Beautiful little table! My favorite wood to work with as well. I'm about out of my stack i pulled from a house though. Nice work

Jerry-Holland Mi

A great table, love the heart pine.

Main Street to the Mountains

nice table.you scored on that heart pine.that stuff is gold and would sell for big bucks here in socal,if you could find some. im sure for the right amount of money i could get all i want,or afford shall i say !

working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.

Holy smokes, that wood is gorgeous! You are one lucky guy.

Steven- Random Orbital Nailer

That old growth pine is beautiful, and you've done well by that wood!

Steven- Random Orbital Nailer