Post Office Box Door Banks

Jeffswildwood sent me a couple of PO box doors several months ago for my granddaughters and was able to send them with numbers corresponding to the girls' ages. I decided to make them for Christmas.

I found a board with nice figure but didn't know what kind of wood it was.

I planed it down to 1/2" thickness and cut it to width.

To avoid knots, I carefully laid out where the cuts were to be located....and cut the first side....1/2" too short 🤦‍♂️
Being constrained with how much was left, I decided the only option was to make the bottom out of glued-up offcuts.
Jeff had drawn me a nice plan with a curved top piece, but I had to go with a simple build.

I cut a rebate on the top inside faces of the sides to accept the tops leaving half thickness of both sides and the top exposed to be filled with contrasting wood. Dados were cut for the bottoms to slide in on small rebates.

I marked and drilled starter holes for the door screws (which were the original brass screws). (I lubricated the fragile screws with my moustache wax 😊) The doors were attached to one side, then the boxes were glued. The screws for the other side went in after the glue had dried.

The backs had a rebate around all sides so the backs would insert nicely with no gaps showing. The top exposed edges were filled with strips of some kind of mahogany and planed down then sanded flush.

Finish was several coats of simple sprayed lacquer.
After the boxed were delivered, my son, who has made many guitars, said the wood looked exactly like olive.
Thanks for looking.

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Beauts Duck!
At first look I thought red gum, the dark streaks and pink.
Fun project.  

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Very nice indeed Duck! I really like that wood and the joinery is a nice touch. You did a fantastic job.
Very nice banks Duck, the wood grain is wonderful. Well Done.

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Thanks guys! I was going to make the wood grain match all the way around, but after I cut the first piece too short, I had to make do.
And thank you Jeff for the doors and and the tips about how to make them fit, it was very helpful.

"Duck and Bob would be out doin some farming with funny hats on." chrisstef

Greats job on the banks.  And thanks for the details and photos.

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i gotta make some of those. ebay is loaded with em.

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Those are such neat banks!

Ryan/// ~sigh~ I blew up another bowl. Moke told me "I made the inside bigger than the outside".

Very nice with some beautiful grained lumber. I still have a couple doors I need to do something with.
Pottz and Dave, it you do, make sure to measure the width of the doors in reference to the mounting brackets carefully, there could be some variances. The biggest difficulty was accessing the mounting tabs to put the screws in.

"Duck and Bob would be out doin some farming with funny hats on." chrisstef

Great looking bank, Duck!

May you have the day you deserve!

Good job, I just got in a door I bought and plan on making my first one in the near future.
Always thought those were really cool Duck. Great job!

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