White oak, butcher block, counter top

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White oak, butcher block, counter top 9’ x 2’ x 1 1/2”

A commissioned counter top I made out of clean, quarter sawn white oak. This was not the usual bar/counter top build that I encounter. This counter top is going to be used outside as a BBQ chefs station and serving table. The counter top will sit on 3 teak cabinets and a small refrigerator next to the patrons grill. The gentleman choose to stain and finish the counter top on his own using the same colors on the teak cabinets. Ill post pictures of the finished serving station when he is completed with the finishing process. I used 30 strips oak and over 200 dowels, staggered every 8 inches. I also placed two 1/4” pieces of all-thread through the entire counter top about 12” in from each end. I secured the all-thread with locking nuts and was able to hide everything by attaching the end two strips last. My hopes are that the all-thread will be more of a mechanical fastener than just glue, since this is going to be subjected to the outdoor conditions and the harsh PA winters.

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White oak is perfect for that use. It will last them a long, long time. Job well done! And teak cabinets will be beautiful.

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Now that is a hunk of gorgeous wood.
Very well done. You did not tell whats inside. Just glue, dowels etc. One lay up or several?

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I just have glue, dowels, and 1/4" all-thread inside…….glue up in 4 separate panels and then glued the panels together. the end two strips were glued last to conceal the all-thread nuts.

Hartman Woodworks llc. https://www.etsy.com/shop/HartmanWoodworks

Very interesting! Thanks for the info on the glue-up. I had not thought about using all-thread in the process. That is a great long term measure to avoid any future issues for sure.

I’ll have to remember that if/when I decide on doing another large laminate top (mine was a workbench project that I posted elsewhere).


Excellent .

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