Bull Dozer High Gears

This is quite the build and I look at it as having 4 main parts.
The body.

The blade.


And the tracks which take just as much time as the rest of the build put together.
Dutchy helped me with the jig as I followed how he did his in one of his blogs.

I made a jig to hold the tracks together so they can be all cut at the same time and will all come out exactly the same.

This was a very fun and challenging project.



Absolutely fantastic model Bruce, thank you  for the WIP photos. 

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Wow, that is a wonderful build, the tracks are over the top. Thanks for sharing and for a great write up. Toothpicks make great rods in the model.

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Ryan/// ~sigh~ I blew up another bowl. Moke told me "I made the inside bigger than the outside".

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Wow, Bruce! Nicely done, and great work getting it all together.

May you have the day you deserve!

i love this dozer also GR8 woods used GR8 JOB 😍😎👍


A beauty. I like that idea of sawing the tracks on a scrollsaw.


Dutchy I didn't cut them out on the scroll saw, I just put them together like a puzzle as it made for an interesting picture.
From the picture it does look like it could be done that way but It wouldn't make for very sharp edges I would think. 


Great job, really like how you put a motor in there. I have made 3 of these models and never went that far,
Impressive project! It's fun to see this one.
i gotta say the talent of the model makers here is beyond words. i couldn't even imagine doing what you and others here do.

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