My first try at building a bull dozer with tracks


I took very shallow cuts 1/16"

Be safe or find a better way to get a cut done.


you need a longer shelf buddy LOL GR8 JOB 😍😎👍


Agree on the shelf. Now, that looks great, I like the wood layers to make parts stand out. It looks like the tracks turned out great. Did you drill the two pieces at the same time or individually?

Main Street to the Mountains

Another great-looking model, Bruce! I like the details on how you made the tracks.

May you have the day you deserve!

I take my hat off to all and any who build wooden caterpillar tracks for a model and Bruce, as always you did a first class job sir. 

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" Did you drill the two pieces at the same time or individually?"
Drill flip drill.

Once you have drilled all the holes and added the tooth picks [for a first try] the tracks may not lay down flat, if this happens you will need to dill out one side just a little bit [1/32] more so the tooth picks have room to move around just a tad.

Thanks, I guess I need to do that with the wooden hinges that I make. Looking for a simpler way.

Main Street to the Mountains

The correct expression is "Your gunna need a bigger shelf"
Peter you didn't ask about the hydraulics ?
Plus ... I have a one track mind too!

Regards Rob

On the plans it shows 12 wheels in the back so if I hadn't took off 4 from the back it really would be hanging over a bunch.

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