Semi Belly Dump Trailer

Here's the trailer for my Toys and Joys Semi
Both are made with Toys and Joys Plans
I clamped the bottom brace to the table and as I glued the parts together the parts would also be glued to the plans I had copied
this helps keep everything lined up.

Cutting out the parts for the belly box was quite a job as everything was at some strange angles.

Great job!  Thanks for the pictures.  I love to see how the model makers so it.
Love the engineering detail in this trailer and Bruce you’ve done a first class job on it 👍

Life’s Good, Enjoy Each New Day’s Blessings

A beautiful Build, some great details, love the wheels. Well done.

As a kid I built Balsa Planes from kits, i used wax paper over the plans to peal off after the glue dried.

Main Street to the Mountains

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