Walnut Side Table

A Walnut side table I made for my wife a few years ago. Made from Black American Walnut and Popular secondary wood. All traditional mortise and tenon joinery with hand cut dovetails. 

Steve Gaskins


Very cool and attractive!

No name noobie here

Very nice table, tapered legs, great dovetails and a nice finish. Simple design, what's not to like. Well done.

Main Street to the Mountains

Shaker style?  Love it.

I have a couple of those myself.

You do beautiful work


Beautifully done with sharp lines.  What finish did you use?  That walnut looks great!
simple elegance well done. dovetails are perfect.

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There's nothing better than a well executed classic design. Perfect!
Very nice, great detail work - like the tight dovetails and the drawer fit.
Very nice work, I will add that the photos are excellent. I always struggle with taking good photos. 

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Simple elegance, perfectly executed. Just beautiful all around.
That is a real attractive table!!!!!!!!!!!

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BB1, the finish is shellac and wax. 

Steve Gaskins