Jack of all trades, . . . . . .

As a relative newbie to the Craftisian community, I thought that I would post a few of my past projects.  These are indicative of a rather eclectic range of interests from turning to CNC work to furniture to the present toy creation.  I have always enjoyed woodworking and for many years considered trying to make a living at it.  But, cooler heads prevailed.  :-)

Here are some samples of other things I've done.  A couple of miniature birdhouse ornaments, a couple of quilt patterns, an olive wood pen, and a CNC carve christmas plaque.  Lots of other things too but I can say that with every project, I continue to learn something new or a better way to achieve an outcome.  That's really the most fun.  Having my "learn on" everyday is the payoff for me, apart from the smiles from those who receive the items I make.

I will also apologize in advance if this is a pedantic boring post.  Just thought I would share.  Maybe give someone an idea or inspiration for their next project.
Some nice treasures Dave!

Are the mosaics all wood then painted or did you use other materials?
Excellent Dave, made the same pen for my wife.    All looks great.


Another nice group of projects, those birdhouses are great.

Main Street to the Mountains

SplinterGroup: the quilt mosaics were all wood and painted after fitting.  I did paint some longer strips if I knew what they would be used for, ie, background etc

Great diversity Papa...

YAY!... Not , another Slimline!

If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD

They all came out great Dave. The Christmas lights look real. 

James McIntyre