T&J Jeep Plan #127

It's been a while since I posted here and I am very happy to be back.  Just before Christmas I decided that I would build 2 versions, simultaneously, of the Jeep Plan 127 from our friends and Toys and Joys.  My plan was to build one from natural hardwoods and one would be predominantly poplar and painted.  Well, in all honesty, soon after beginning I realized that I was on a fools errand.  The plan is clear enough but there are some construction considerations to work out so after getting the chassis and engine area internal structure completed on both, I decided to go forward with the painted version and use that experience as a learning module.   So here is the completed first model.  It required about 97 hours of work (painting added time since things had to be made and painted and so on) and there was nearly a 2 week break when we traveled to Maine for the Christmas holiday.  

I learned a lot from this endeavor and feel that the next one will still require attention to detail but most of the construction concerns have been already worked through.   As you can see from the photos, I did add some detail to the dash board by creating image decals for the dials and the GPS screen.  I also added interior door panels for the front and back doors.  The exterior primary color is DecoArt's Ice Blue metallic acrylic .  Also, the plan includes the parts for implementing the roll bar unit and having the roof removable.  I chose to make this without the roll bar and permanently affix the roof unit.  This is a street model Wrangler not an off roader.

I think the most difficult part of this was to get the hood shape correct from front to the beginning of the windscreen.  There is a subtle rounding all the way back that has to be taken into account.  I am still not completely sure I captured it as it should be and so will work on the next model with more emphasis on that feature.

I hope you guys like the outcome and please let me know what I could do differently on the next one.  That one will be natural hardwoods primarily of walnut and butternut, with contrasting species for the seats, etc.  I made all of the parts for this, including the wheels.  Nothing was purchased from the T&J parts list.  



Looks pretty nice, well done.   Like the color.


Great job, details are well executed.  I built one and the roll bar, as the rest are a challenge.  I think your work is fabulous. Just enjoy the build and the result.  Love the paint job!!

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Awesome job!  The details are beyond me.  Although the paint is great (love that blue), I'll be looking forward to the one in all natural hardwoods.  
that is some nice model work , but i too wanna see the hardwood version. color really pops. wheels look great. nice work pappa !

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Maybe someone could tell you what to do to improve on this, but it's not me. This looks perfect!
Thank you all for your comments.  I had to think long and hard about doing a painted version…. Especially after building 3 of Dutchy’s plans. But thought I’d give it a shot.  I like the natural finish so onto the next.  
when i seen this on main page i wonder why did he take picture of his jeep i also dont really care for painted models but wow this one is a very GR8 JOB 😍😎👍


Nicely done! Great detail on the paint too!

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First class ride Dave 

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The pics made me smile. Made from wood, but looks like pics from a car brochure. Nice build. I don't think paint hurt it at all.
Looks good, and the correct colour, well done. I got just as much fun (perhaps more?) from building a 1/10th scale radio controlled version, which you can then continue to do something with, other than just look at admire it.  Plus upgrading various parts keeps me occupied before I decide I need another slightly different model!!

I like this one, I like the colors, I like model, I like the excecution, and yet I think bald is more beautiful.

But well done Dave!


I agree Dutchy but thank you for the kind words.  I wanted to make one painted so now I have that out of my system.  Bald is next!!!!
No fair taking photos of a real jeep and passing them off as woodworking ;)   Seriously, this looks great.   Nice work.