Molding plane project

A fast and fun project to kill an afternoon, baseboard replacement section for section damaged, and an opportunity to use hand tools & antique molding plans start to finish.
To start, I copied the existing baseboard profile with my Handy Dandy Profile Duplicator Tool, which was a present from my granddaughter. (photo one) She said she saw an ad for this and figured I could use it in the shop, whichhas proven to be very true - thank you Jamey.
I then used an old (I believe 19th century) moving fillister plane to create two cuts for removing waste & creating the stepback for the profile. (photos two & three)
Next step, cut the profile round with a hollow plane (photo four), then the top inset to transition from the round to the top. (photo five)
The last photo shows the completed baseboard section, checked against my Handy Dandy Profile Duplicator Tool for accuracy.  
Currently this piece, along with a section of shoe molding I had on hand, have been stained and are being coated with Arm-R-Seal wiping varnish. (No photo)
As mentioned, this was fast & fun.
Thanks for viewing.

Nice bit of old school moulding there.
Old school craftsmanship.

Main Street to the Mountains

Nice work, Tom. making planes like that, you can duplicate almost any configuration!!

Cheers, Jim ........................ Variety is the spice of life...............Learn something new every day

Very nice, Tom! That’s the way you do it!

May you have the day you deserve!

Great craftsmanship!

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