Desk for my granddaughter

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 This project was completed 3 or 4 years ago, for my oldest granddaughter. All cherry, no secondary woods as is traditional to 17th & 18th century construction. This desk is a modified version of Glenn Huey's Slant-lid Desk on Frame, from his book "Building Fine Furniture". The hardware cost almost as much as the wood for this project. Finish is just General Finish's Arm-R-Seal.
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Wonderful desk.   Like the supports for the lid/desk surface.    Nicely done.


Very nice, it will be an heirloom for sure.

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Very nice work Oldtool,
It's almost as if you've done this stuff before. 😉
Very clean,  I like the pull out rests for the desk top.
Thanks, for sharing.

Figuring out how to do something you have never done is what makes a good challenge.

I think in the Olde Days, that design was called a Captains Desk.  I made one similar, and nowhere near as nice, in High school woodshop.

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That is one fine piece of furniture, really like the features that are built into it. Well Done.

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very nice work oldtool. a quality piece that will be passed down the generations.

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Thank you guys for the positive comments, very much appreciated.
If interested, I highly recommend Glenn Huey's book as mentioned in the description, it provides a step by step set of instructions that make building this very easy.
The hardware may have been expensive but the project deserved it. Nice desk!
Wonderful build!

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Cool desk - now I want one :)
Liked it on LJ and I like it here.

Well done!


That's definitely an heirloom piece.   Quality and style like this never go out of fashion.

I tried to convince my daughter that I could make something like this for her.  Unfortunately, she was too impatient to wait and found something on FB Marktplace made out of OSB.  I keep hoping she will realize the error of her ways and allow me to make something half as nice as this.
That’s a good looking piece of furniture 
Grandpa certainly blessed his granddaughter!  What a lovely heirloom piece!

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A Classic! 
Nicely done and nicely finished.

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Beautiful, I like the old style look to it. Excellent job,   Mike
That is one beautiful desk...and a family heirloom!!!!!!!!!!!  Cheers, Jim

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