Mission Arts And Crafts Style Wall Clock

This is the first clock I built. It’s made from quarter sawn white oak, and scraps leftover from some medicine cabinets I built. I designed this clock based on some clocks I researched on line. 

The dial is from ClockPrints.com and has glass in front of it. 

The movement is from clockparts.com
and it’s a self setting atomic clock. 

The area circled have an angle cut at the top of the sides to match the out side angles of the front stiles. 

This is a dry fit. I then took the bottom rail to the band saw and cut arch.

I would be working on new projects for my house but a got a large order for my custom pulls from two very nice friends.

I might still have my hand drawn plans for this clock If I get requests for it I’ll post it here. I didn’t post them because it wasn’t created by SketchUp and didn’t want to be scolded by the Duck. You know I love 💕 you Ducky.

Thanks for hanging out and viewing this project.

James McIntyre


Beauty James!

Ryan/// ~sigh~ I blew up another bowl. Moke told me "I made the inside bigger than the outside".

nice one.

working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.

James, we must have been looking at the same clock for inspiration!

I'm mid-assembly in a clock case for the tile I made. Making two, one walnut and one QSWO.

Splinter that’s going to be great. You are going to take that design to the ultimate level. Can’t wait to see it. Where did you find that great design? Or is it yours?

Would you ever consider using the tapered top that I use? Or do you think it wouldn’t work in your design?  Looking at the design I don’t think it would work with all the soft edges. Will you be using a $2000. Movement in it. 

I may have missed it what will the back look like? Will you be using rare earth magnets to hold the rear plate/panel  in place? I know I would. 

At least I have alienated all my friends—-Yet. 

James McIntyre

Great job building a Beautiful clock James.

-- Soli Deo gloria! ( To God alone be the Glory)


"borrowed" the basic shape from this:

The drawing is what I came up with after fiddling around with dimensions. Usually I don't make plans but for this I wanted to be sure everything fits before cutting.

I did make a  tapered top version years ago (I feel the top was overly big)
Camera white balance was wrong, it is actually cherry with a walnut wedge + copper face

Movement is one of the old hydrogen maser clocks from work, the hydrogen line connects at the back.

The back is a lift out (slide up then tilt out). I designed it with the bottom frame member surrounding the tile to be held in with screws to allow the glass and tile to be slid out if needed.
Thanks Oldrivers 

James McIntyre

Your design is much better that the example photos you posted. It’s also much different than mine and is your own design. Do you think an arch on the bottom rail would work? 

James McIntyre

Could do an arch I suppose, sure would break up some of the linearity 🤔

Wow...another beauty!  You are doing great....now I just have to keep my wife from seeing your work!

The bottom of the clock matches the wooden valance on the window....I think it is perfect.
Did you build those cabinets, because those are awesome!  They look to be your style.   We just put in new Quartz countertops...I wanted a backsplash from the same material, but it was going to be as much as a small car....so I began to like tile better.....I love your style and ideas.


Splinter I think your right about the Li—-irty it would break it up. Me I would put a tapper on 
top, arch on the bottom and your through tenons, flared stiles and some G&G ebony screw plugs. If I were to build a new one. Do you think that would  pimp it out to much?

James McIntyre

Thanks Moke. Yup I did all the cabinets and vanities in our house. I have them listed at Lumberjocks. I have dozens of projects over there. I may post some more of them here. 

Granite counter tops and backsplash prices are out of control. We had them done in 1997 when things were more reasonable. 

James McIntyre

Beautiful clock! I love the color of that oak, it matches the clock face perfectly. 

-- Paul--- Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. — Scott Adams

James, no screws holding the top on, just sheer will power and spite.
The taper will be worth a try on one of the clocks since I am making two (1 walnut, 1 QSWO). Give potential shoppers the idea that they are getting a one-of-a-kind versus something I'm cranking out with kids in a tent out in the yard (shhhh!)

I'm always down for pimping stuff out, but these need to stay a bit plain for lower time/costs and low-budget shoppers.

You can have the honor of the only clock with nubbins on the top shelf. At least it'll keep people from putting their pet goldfish up there.


I did granite counters and walls with 12" tiles. For the walls it went easily as I was able to source tiles from a single stone so I could align the patterns. Epoxy grout is great since it'll never get the dirt or change color. It's like spreading warm bubblegum however.
Thanks Tinnman 

James McIntyre

James, the clock looks wonderful, and a good placement in the matching kitchen.

I hear you about using epoxy grout, it is a skill to learn so you are not wiping the stuff off after all it dries to quick.

Main Street to the Mountains

Splinter I think it’s to late for you to not pimp it out, with that design and all the work you put into the clock tile dial. And yes, Nubbins all over and for all. 

Speaking about tents. I had a friend that lived in tents and went crazy. He had to see a psychiatrist who told him he was too tents (tense). 

I usually get all of your read between the lines but I can’t decode your line and I’m paraphrasing. Top floating or sticking attached magically to the clock. Need help on that one. 

I forgot you sell much of your stuff. I was thinking of a clock I would never sell and keep it all to myself. I sold many works I wish I hadn’t. 

James McIntyre

Thanks Eric. I tried to make it all work together. 

It’s a plain build made from scraps. I do like the simplicity of its design. 

James McIntyre