Car key fob

Recently, the remote fob for my truck cracked. The plastic case lasted about 14 years, and gave out pretty catastrophically. So I took it apart and looked at how the case was constructed and figured I could make one out of wood that would probably outlast the truck, which is getting some rust spots from its time in Minnesota.

I carved holes for the remote buttons, removing the “alarm now” button that has always annoyed me, and started to rough-shape the front of the outside.

The back got a hole where the battery goes, and I turned a cover, thinking maybe I would run a brad through it or something so I could lock in place.

After gluing the front to the back, I thought about how long batteries have lasted me, and since that’s been four years or more, I figured I’d just tack the battery cover in place with some glue, and if the battery dies before the truck does, I can probably pop it out. And if not, oh well, I’ll have another project for the list.

May you have the day you deserve!


Some nice looking wood there. Nice work!
It’s a scrap of something that came from the smalls bin at the Rockler in Maplewood, MN. Been staring at it for five or six years, wondering what it was supposed to be.

May you have the day you deserve!

This is a first. Interesting project Dave
Dang, Dave.  That fob has lived a hard life.  Pro tip:  don't put gravel in your pocket, at least not the one with the key fob.  

Nice restoration.  

--Nathan, TX. Hire the lazy man. He may not do as much work but that's because he will find a better way.

Don’t you love it when a piece of scrap finally gets its life?
Great idea Dave! I hope the battery lasts long but I’m also looking forward to seeing the v2;)

No name noobie here

Dave that could be Christmas gift for a woodworker near you.

I have no idea how you made that.

I'm impressed.


What a neat project!!  A key fob in disguise.  🥸
Great use of a scrap piece. I cringe every time someone says they burnt up, or threw out all of their scraps. 
Nice project for a small piece of extra (not scrap) wood, & pretty good carving to create the proper fit. Great work.
Nathan, no gravel. Just 14 years of pocket lint.

Petey, I carved out the inside to make room for the rubber switch bit and the circuit board. Drilled tiny holes where the buttons needed to poke through, and enlarged them with diamond needle files. Then put a back on, and drilled a hole in it where the battery would fit. Then put a 20mm indent (using a forstner bit) in the (turned) cap for the battery hole to hold the battery where it belonged. Then glued the front and back together, inserted the battery and made sure it all worked, then tack-glued the battery cap into the back. Done.

Thanks, folks! If I were to sell them, I’d probably have to charge close to a thousand bucks per, but as a project to fiddle with while I was waiting for glue or finish to dry on other things (rather than sweeping up the shop), it was a fun diversion.

May you have the day you deserve!

That is a neat project, great save and will be a real conversation piece!
Nice work. wood can be used in place of plastic in hundreds of things!! This is the first wooden fob I've see!!

Cheers, Jim ........................ Variety is the spice of life...............Learn something new every day

Cool idea & execution, tempting fate with the battery cover though :)
Thanks all!

Jim, it’s simple enough to do… I think I’m going to start on another one using oak I will partially ebonize to replace the other remote, which is also cracked (but still usable). Bet you could knock one out pretty quickly, too.

That could be, Mike, but I do have another. And worse case, my truck can still be opened with a key even if both remote fobs die. And maybe my next one gets a threaded battery cover.

May you have the day you deserve!

Very clever idea. What did you use to cut out the holes for the controls, a saws all?

Dr. Quackner

Drilled tiny holes where the buttons needed to poke through, and enlarged them with diamond needle files. 

May you have the day you deserve!

Very nice and a great idea. Mine are severely beat up from being in my pocket with keys.