New Miter Station

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I finally updated my North wall of my basement shop. The basic construction is maple ply boxes that I built with pocket screws. I took apart an Ikea wall unit and used its sides as doors, so a lot of the doors are peppered with shelf pin holes, but hey, they are on the inside. I used iron on maple veneer for the door edges.

So this gave me a lot of storage, as I like things covered from the dust. I have not put an extra fence for the miter saw yet as I really don’t use it that much. But now that it has a home this may change. I like having that large flat open top for things like my vacuum press, so I don’t want to mess it up with a big long fence. Maybe a removable one?


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Hey Steve, I like the setup and don’t make a long fence. You just don’t need it and it will always be in the way (IMHO). I’ve had a bench like yours for my miter saw for years and have never found a need of a fence longer than the one on the saw. The shop is looking good.

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The fence comes in handy for using stops on repeat cuts… Nice setup, gotta get around to making one of these sometime soon.

Nice looking set up. You have a very clean and organized shop.

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Very nice Steve…..and cleaner than my kitchen for sure. Great use of ikea stuff in my opinion…..
I like the removable fence idea, at least on the left side… Dan said….


Nice and clean Steve. But you know what happens with any horizontal surface…….lol
I agree with Paul, no additional fence. You can always clamp a stop on the side tables if you need repetitive cuts.

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That looks good, Steve. Maybe you could fabricate a simple, long block to rest against the wall, fitted so the outer edge is at a fence distance from the wall. You could add toggle clamps on top of it to act as stops for repeat cuts, or a screwed-down block in a movable T-track.. Use the block sort of like an outrigger bench hook idea, to move along the wall whatever distance from the cutting table you need. Store it away when not needed.

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Nice job on this addition, Steve. The fence addition really will come into use only if you cut trim and moldings and will take up space otherwise. And putting the bed of the saw level with the bench is the way to go. I did not go this route and had to put an auxiliary fence on my bench, which ate up valuable bench space. But I did put drawers in the wings of the fence for additional storage.

great ms station.i built mine last year,though not nearly as nice as yours.its a lot easier to use now.thanks for sharing.

Nice setup and great re-use of the Ikea material.
I wish my shop was half as clean as yours.

Very nice Steve. The challenge now, is the magnetic attraction that all flat shop surfaces have for clutter ;-)

BTW, I AM jealous…