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Fire place slabs

I got design a fireplace wall. I used stone and wood.
These are the wood slabs before the stone went in

-- Angellos

figured western maple

Beautiful wood and super build Angellos

-- woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

Thank you. I’ll dig up some photos of the finished project. There was a fireplace, kitchen, island bar, range hood and a couple of bathroom vanities

-- Angellos

Hi Angellos. This is an amazing set of pieces you have posted. Rather than comment on each, let me just say a big WOW to all of them. Your work is inspiring and so diverse. Thanks for showing us.
I’d love to show you my chevalet if you are down my way one day.

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Thank you, I’d like that.

-- Angellos

What beautiful figure in the wood. It is really nice how you added the natural edge. Beautiful finishing work.


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-- Angellos