Father-Son project: Sword


This was one of those special occasions where becomes a great opportunity to share with your son. He is 12 and he had been having this delayed wish of making a wooden Sword.

We used:
1pc of 20×70×1500 mm Pine board

It started by looking up for the model on Internet. He quickly decided for a model and we started building. He made about 50% of the whole job and he enjoyed a lot. We used only hand tools, mainly because I wanted him to learn and practice. Of course at some point jigsaw and sander were necessary, but the rest was handmade.

We spent great time together and had a good chat during the process which I value a lot. He is very proud of his work and I am very proud of him!

- Man most valuable tools are his hands, his brain and the passion he delivers to his projects -

You are a good Dad. Anytime you do a project with a child you create a life long memory for both you and them. Nice job on the sword .


A fun father and son project.

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Wonderful project i was happy to see you start him off with hand tools that’s how I started . my Father was a cabinet maker and draftsman,he would have me sand and plain till my fingers would bleed.But i learned ,and now thank him every day . Great Sword Buddy keep up the good work .