Coffee pods Holder


Las week was my father’s birthday and I wanted to give him something special. He loves coffee (who doesn’t???) and he recently bought a Dolce Gusto coffee maker from Nestle which enjoys a lot.

So I decided to make his enjoyment better by building this simple pods holder I made with scrap material in the shop. I took the idea from an image I found on Pinterest… i think.. or somewhere in the net… It was very easy and cheap and got great results. He loved the gift and instantly placed some of his favorites on it.

Hope you like it, and also invite you to visit my offical Blog: “”; for other fun and simple proyects like this one (it’s written in Spanish, but has a translation tab on the right colum for other languages) I would love to read your comments on it


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Fairly simple but cool.

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nice like the shape of a coffee cup


Very cute.

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love it!!

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Very very nice. Excellent job.