Few in betweens


So in between a few big projects ive been able to make a few small items. I had some cut offs from the kitchen island i was making so i turned it in to this, took me about 20 min.

I cleaned out my garage, and moved out a lot of “scrap” wood.

Some lady asked me to make her some ladder bar games.

made a little tent frame for a neighbors kids bday party. it was army theme.

I have been keeping my ATV outside and it was going to start raining a lot so i made a quick shelter to keep it a little dry.

A teacher at school asked me to make her a monogram, gave me an excuse to buy a scroll saw, its about 2′×2′

Was asked for some corn hole boards.

Been going shooting at my friends property, so i made this stand to hold the silhouettes.

and last but not least, i had a ton of cut offs, so i made a few of these little robots for m daughter to glue up in what ever position she wanted.

Thats what i have been able to squeeze in, keep a look out for my island post.

Lots of fun projects

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