Table Bench & Built in (lots of pics)


Sorry for so many pics, but i like to snap as i build.

This is the space i started with:

So first thing was add something custom and more comfortable, i started by framing up the area to add a built in, and cushions.

Once that was ready to start on the bench. I took 2×4s and planed them to make everything out of 2 pieces. It was a lot of repetition.

I started to fit all the pieces, the top and bottom are the same, so its pretty much a mirror image.

Once all that was put together i started to make the center brace, that was a tuff one, it took a lot of fitting, trimming, fitting, and trimming. I cut slots in each board to fit into each other. Then wood filler to get a nice smooth look.

Once that was done i started on the bottom of the table. It was pretty much the same process as the bench, but i picked up a few tricks so the cuts were cleaner, and it went together better.

Once the table bottom was done i started on the bench top. Made of 2×6s planed with biscuits, and glue.

The table top was the same process, but i did add pocket holes as well as biscuits and glue.

Once those were made on to the staining, i had some trouble, and issues with the finish, but thanks to you guys i learned a lot and it came out great.

All in all this build took me a very long time, almost 3 months, but partly because im a slacker, but this was my first table so i tried some things, learned many things, and now my sister wants one!

I also made her a sign while i was at it.

I also made the cushions. She was very happy, and i feel very proud of my build.


Great job! Love the Table and all the pictures!

Great work and wonderful pics tony! You should be very proud.

CHRIS, Charlottetown PEI Canada. Anytime you can repurpose, reuse, or recycle, everyone wins!

good build and outstanding photo work up.

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All beautiful! !!
Great job! !!

Steve Tow

Very impressed. Very well done my friend. Very well done!

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"


You did a really super job. The sign is a nice addition.


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I love the extra pictures!

Great work.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Love all the photos. Great workmanship!!